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Welcome to Pagic, where the magic of AI takes your web design and content creation to the next level. Say goodbye to limitations, embrace endless possibilities.


Landing Pages

Craft beautiful, AI-optimized landing pages in minutes, not hours. Convert more visitors with intelligent design and copywriting, tailored to your audience


Resumes & Portfolios

Stand out in the job market with AI-powered resumes. Make a lasting impression with a resume that showcases your unique talents and skills.



Create engaging, professional presentations with the help of AI. Pagic.io's intuitive interface makes it easy to present your ideas in the most compelling way



From registration forms to surveys, create forms with AI-powered insights for better user engagement and improved conversion rates.



With Pagic, creating captivating flyers for any purpose is just a few clicks away. Whether you need to promote real estate listings, throw a standout birthday party, advertise your new startup, or announce a community event, Pagic can generate professional and visually stunning flyers tailored to your needs.

Pagic Features

GPT-4 Powered

AI powered design system that helps you create beautiful, consistent and accessible designs across your entire product with just few lines.

Quick Deploy

Get a free subdomain for your page. You can also use your own domain. We will take care of everything for you with a click of button

Lightining Fast

The pages are rendered as static HTML pages. The pages are preloaded in the background and are served from a CDN

Granular Control

Take full control to the last pixel. Use your preferred units i.e, px, em, rem etc to create the pixel perfect design across devices

Light & Dark Version

You can create you page for light & dark mode. Its as simple as switching to dark mode & defining colors

Full responsive

The pages are fully responsive and works across all modern browsers and devices. The pages are preloaded in the background

Customers say about Pagic.io

144 people have said how good we are

"Pagic.io is an excellent addition to our toolset at Appliment! We simply love it, can't wait for new features! Vue export is awesome, sharing with clients as well, with ability to interlink pages so clients themselves can click through made app, perfect."

Alen Šimunic

Appliment CEO

"I've tried other Tailwind web page builders but none were as intuitive and user-friendly as Pagic.io. I am able to build websites rapidly"

Allen Fernandes

Engineering Manager

"It streamlines the process of creating custom templates with its intuitive drag & drop interface, allowing you to quickly and easily create stunning, professional looking designs in minutes.. Pagic.io is perfect for developers, designers, marketers, and anyone else who wants to create stunning web and email templates in a fraction of the time."

- Adrian


"The feature set is amazing compared to other paid tools i've seen theses past few days. I'll be sticking with Pagic.io."

- Axel G.



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